Friday Tidy Up

My collection of off cuts of timber and remnants of other materials from past furniture commissions was becoming unsustainable and it was time for a bit of a sort out.  Finding the time and inclination for this is rare so it was important to seize the moment and get creative.  Making and keeping things out of harvested timber is vital for carbon capture; burning timber off cuts just releases all the carbon that the trees have worked so hard to collect back in to the atmosphere – not good.  I was really pleased then when Tom mentioned that he was doing a project on ‘found’ wood for London Design Festival 2016 and would be happy to take some products from me.  He asked me to look in to designing a plant stand to complement the lovely plant pots he sells.

I had been busy over the summer making ply shelving for Tom’s new venture in Kentish Town – Store 171 and found that I had strips of birch ply left that I was able to shape into legs for the plant stands.  The round tops are in birch ply too but laminated with linoleum, this will provide a hard-wearing, water proof surface for the plant stands as well as injecting colour.  I laminated contrasting colours on to either face of the tops and clients will be able to chose which is to be on top.  Again this linoleum is from my supply of off cuts and so the colours are limited to what I currently have to hand.  The legs are half-lapped and bolted on to the tops and there is a choice of 3 different heights and 3 different top dimensions which gives plenty of options to play around with.

planters-workshop           planters-close        plant-stands-1

In addition to the plant stands I have made some ‘desk tidies’, small, useful trays made from rough sawn oak or walnut with coloured Formica bases.

desk-tidy      desk-tidy-oak